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The Rob Tetrault Show - BA, JD, MBA, CIM

Nov 6, 2020

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*How To Prepare Selling Your Business*

1) Get Your Ducks Lined Up In A Row AHEAD Of Time. Start Early On The Planning

2) Emotional Attachment and Financial Expectation
- Are you emotionally ready as a business owner?
- How do you want to deal with the sales proceeds?
- How are you going to replace your income once you've sold the business?

3) Business Evaluation
- Depends on type of business
- Multiples differ from industry to industry
- Have a professional help you

4) Do The Math - What's A Fair Multiple Of Earnings For Your Company?
- Assets
- Real Estate
- Brand Value
- Cash Flow

5) Expectations of Private Company vs Public Company

6) Tax Implications
- Take advantage of your business
- Small Business Capital Gains Exemption
- Tax exempt opportunities
- Asset sale vs share sale
- Purifying the corporation / purifying the books
- What does your business own? Brand, Assets, Trademarks, Real Estate, etc.

7) Will you stay on board for a period of time to insure smooth transition?

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