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The Rob Tetrault Show - BA, JD, MBA, CIM

Oct 29, 2020

Our guest is Denzel Rodriguez, a 24-year-old entrepreneur born and raised in Queens New York by a single mother.

From a young age, he felt compelled to learn about finances. His first client was his mom and now he is The Finance Geek.

He specializes in helping moms become debt-free, increase cash flow, build credit, and establish Kingdoms that will last forever.

Currently, he is helping over 1000+ families across the United States and abroad master their finances by using Velocity Banking, Infinite Banking, and Kingdom Authority in their household.

Denzel is an honorable, passionate, and powerful man who credits all his success and wisdom to God.

He spends most of his time teaching financial concepts on his YouTube Channel, which has over 2 million views and 29,000+ subscribers.

Denzel wants to expand and grow the Kingdom Of God by helping mothers master their finances so they can build kingdoms of their own and raise a new generation that values women and their position in authority.